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Animink Superhero 'Serum' Colognes

How would Dolce & Gabbana design a frangrance for men based on characters from comic books?

Designed and rendered entirely in 3D, these Superhero 'Serum' Cologne bottles were created by Charlotte Web Design studio Animink as an experiment in design. Each bottle was approached from a brand standpoint.

Batman - Dark Cologne


Superman - Flight Cologne

"Millions of people all over the world have made a unique connection with comic book superheroes", says Markus Alison of Animink. "Why can't they 'wear' them? Perhaps not a literal costume, but a fragrance? Definitely."

Captain America - Freedom Cologne


Iron Man - Iron Cologne

Each fragrance has a name that describes the hero without actually using their name (Iron arguably does, but hey, it just sounded too manly to pass up).
Wouldn't it be cool to wear 'Weapon' or 'Dark'? Absolutely.

Batman - Dark Cologne


Flash - Velocity Cologne


Wolverine - Weapon Cologne

So what do you think? And what should we tackle next? Super Heroine perfumes? Villain fragrances? Let us know on our facebook page. And be sure to like us there too. 

Spiderman - Web Cologne

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